Having a well behaved dog that will be great at home, appropriately socialised and deal with human demands is a big ask and a massive learning journey.  This doesn't happen after a few weeks of puppy training but is a continuous journey.  We expect  so much from our dogs so it's only fair we help them achieve the status of a fantabulous all round family pet.
You want to think of your dogs learning journey as you would would raising a child.
Home Learning
Nursery School
Primary School
Secondary School
A Levels

 Regular training can help your dog to become more confident and responsive, it allows your dog more freedom in daily life, can offer a form of enrichment for your dog as well as helping to boost the bond you share too.

We offer:
Puppy Lifeskills
Junior Lifeskills
Advanced Lifeskills
Obedience Training


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Sometimes classes are not always the right fit for you or your dog. 

Your dog may struggle being around other dogs or people. 

You may have a busy schedule and can't commit to weekly classes.  Not a problem.

Take a look at our 121 Puppy/Adolescent Dog Programme