Lifeskills Classes are for dogs of any age, teaching your pet how to grow in to a great family dog.  Classes are run on Sunday evenings, in 6 week blocks, are for 1 hour and are held at The Windmill Centre, Torquay. 

We only use positive reinforcement training that is based on science and all wrapped up in games to making it fun for you and your dog.

You will cover: 

🐾 Obedience Games

🐾Good Manners & Self Control  Games 

🐾Recall  Games 

🐾 Loose Lead Walking  Games 

🐾Socialising and how to do it correctly 

🐾Dog Behaviour

What You Get: 
#6 Group Classes
#'Sexier Than a Squirrel Challenge' online teaching
#Torquay Dog Training Community Private Facebook Group # Homework Handouts

Lifeskills Class £135


Sunday 20th Feb - 27th March 2022

4.00-5.00 SPACES

5.15-6.15 SPACES

Sunday 3rd April - 8th May 2022

4.00-5.00 SPACES

5.15-6.15 SPACES

Sometimes classes are not always the right fit for you or your dog. 

Your dog may struggle being around other dogs or people. 

You may have a busy schedule and can't commit to weekly classes.  Not a problem.

Take a look at our 121 Puppy/Adolescent Dog Programme