Puppy Play Time

Having a puppy can be hard work
Puppies like new babies can be full on and demanding
Added to this you may be worried you're getting things wrong
Should I have my puppy on the sofa or bed?
How do I stop them biting and jumping?
Do I need a crate or playpen?
I know I should socialise my puppy but how? 
What's the easiest way to toilet train my puppy?
Is my puppy's behaviour normal or aggressive?
The list goes on...

Puppy Playtime Workshop is for New Puppy parents
Included in this workshop:
*How to Socialise your puppy
*Solving Common puppy problems
*Building your puppies confidence
*Understanding dog body language
*Handling your puppy
*Supervised puppy playtime
*Q&A Time


This is a 1 hour workshop where you will work with your puppy building social skills, building confidence, how to focus on you and how to handle.  We will also discuss how to combat common puppy problems: 
There will also be a Q&A so you can ask your questions
You will also mix with other puppy parents.