It really isn't any fun trying to walk your dog when he doesn't know how to walk calmly on his lead.
It can be painful from all his pulling and the worry he could pull you over.  The feelings of embarrassment you feel from other dog owners and passers-by as your dog frantically drags you over to say hello and the utter frustration that your dog who is so well behaved at home can't do a simple thing as walk nicely on the lead.

If your dog is...
*Behaving like a steam train pulling your arm out of it's socket, racing you to the park
*Can't walk in a straight line, zig-zagging in front and behind you and you're worried he may trip you over
*Dragging you to every dog and person he see's to say hello

Then you are not alone

And the great thing is ...

You can change your unruly pup and have a calm, well behaved dog you feel proud to walk and leave those feelings of embarrassment and frustration behind you.

We can show you the tools and training your guy needs so you can once again enjoy your walks together and turn your unruly walker into a calm stroller.

121 Loose Lead Walking Programme includes
*3 x 1 hour 121 training sessions
*Guided step by step training programme
*Specific training tailored to you and your dog
*Real life out and about training
*3 month after care 

121 Loose Lead Walking Programme £175  
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