At Torquay Dog Training we understand that with such busy lives it is not always easy to get to training classes on a regular basis or perhaps your pet doesn't feel comfortable around other dogs or people.  

The benefits of our Puppy Programme are:

*Your dog will learn faster

*Tailored to what you want and your dog needs

*At a time that works for you.


You will cover: 

  🐾Basic Obedience 

 🐾Good Manners & Self Control   

   🐾Beginners Recall   

   🐾Beginners Loose Lead Walking   

  🐾Socialising and how to do it correctly 

      🐾Dog Behaviour











The 1-2-1 Puppy Programme Includes:

*4 x 1 hour training sessions

*Homework Handout after each session so you can continue your dogs             training.

*Invitation to Private Facebook Group

*Puppy Survival Guide

121 sessions are available on:

Tuesdays Mornings, 

Thursdays Morning/Afternoon,

Friday Morning/Afternoon/Evening

Saturday Afternoon

1-2-1 Puppy Programme £155                                                 




The 1-2-1 Puppy Programme is also suitable for adolescent dogs.  Perhaps you have a young dog that did puppy classes and was amazing but as he's gotten older, seems to have forgotten his training, is becoming a bit pushy and unruly and wont listen to you any more. When your young puppy becomes a teenager and their bodies become flooded with hormones which means they can struggle with listening, getting overly excited.  You may notice their recall disappears, they become pullier on the lead or their self control vanishes.