These classes will help you to socialise your puppy in a safe environment to help them live, be happy with your lifestyle and preventing any problems later on.

Puppy Socialising Classes are for puppies between the ages of 10 weeks and no older than 20 weeks by the final class. 




What You get:

* 6 Group Classes


*Invitation to join our private Facebook Group

* Puppy Survival Guide

* Toilet Training Guide


On this course you will learn :

Socialising Your Puppy  what this really means and how to do it properly

Handling Your Puppy Happy to touched and picked up, Grooming, Vet Visits

Confidence - How to have a confident puppy and why this is super important.

Appropriate Dog Behaviour Understanding dog greetings and keeping your puppy safe

Puppy Behaviours Toileting, Biting, Jumping, Resource Guarding

Problem Solving  


On completing this course your puppy will be ready to move up to our Lifeskills Class.


Puppy Socialising  £100

Dates for 2022

Sunday 9th Jan - 13th Feb 4.00-5.00 FULL

Sunday 20th Feb-27th March 4.00-5.00



If classes are full not to worry, we have you covered with our 121 Puppy Programme in which we come to you. You'll still cover what we teach in class but training is more tailored to what you want and what your puppy needs.  





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