Torquay Dog Training has partnered with AbsoluteDogs to offer a 25 day training challenge
This is an awesome, 100% on-line program delivering fun  games for you to play with your dog which are designed to help with so many everyday struggles such as... 



Ignoring distractions such as other dogs, cats, squirrels, people

Lead walking

Every day, there is a new video for you to watch and try with your own dog.
This will continue for 25 days!


You will get lifetime access to the material! So don't worry if you don't have the time to watch videos every day, or if you're afraid you'll forget the amazing games. You'll always have them!


What you Get!

25 Days of Video Tuition

25 Step-by-Step Dog Training GAMES to make your dog training stress free

Exclusive Facebook Group Community & Live Training

The 25 Day Downloadable Challenge Calendar to tick off each day


Sexier Than A Squirrel