Is your dogs behaviour getting you down? Are you Struggling with your puppy or dog and don't know what to do?

Phone Consultations are suitable for:

  • Your dog may not be comfortable around strangers

  • Perfect for busy schedules 

  • Time to suit you

  • Eager to start training

Talking on phones


Your dog isn't being deliberately naughty.  Their behaviour may be, what you consider, inappropriate but with the right training in place your dog can be a good dog.




Consultations are arranged at a time and date to suit you.  We will explain your dogs behaviour so you can understand why they're doing what they're doing and then put together a programme for you to follow to change how your dog behaves. You will then receive a Training Plan so you can start to implement the training. You will need to complete a behavioural history form prior to the consultation.


Common Behaviour Issues Covered:

  • Jumping up

  • Biting/Mouthing

  • Lunging/Barking on Lead

  • Dog Aggression

  • Separation Problems

  • Toileting in the home

  • Pulling on Lead

  • No Recall

  • Over Excitement

  • Puppy Problems

  • Any other behaviour you are struggling with

One Hour Consult and Training Plan