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Here at Torquay Dog Training we do not believe that dogs misbehave or are naughty on purpose.  They may lack certain social skills and behave inappropriately but dogs are very honest and behave how they feel in any given moment.  Which is great for us as dog owners because once we have a clear vision of how we want our dogs to behave the training becomes easy.

We passionately believe that no dog is untrainable no matter their age,  breed or background and it’s never too late to start  with the emphasis that training should be fun for you and your dog.

So if you are just starting out on your journey with a new puppy, have adopted a rescue dog  or have a dog that is in need of help we’re here to help you on your journey and have the dog you always dreamed of.

We hold Puppy Socialising and Lifeskills Classes teaching your pet how to become a great family dog as well as Rally Obedience and Trick Training Classes

When your pet behaves inappropriately or displays unwanted behaviours it can be frustrating and distressing not only for you but for your dog.

with such busy lives it is not always easy to get to training classes on a regular basis or perhaps your pet doesn't feel comfortable around other dogs or people