If you have ever been nervous, worried or embarressed when out with your pet or when you have visitors call to your home we can help give you the training you need. We are here to help you become a confident dog owner so you can enjoy and have fun with your dog.


Torquay Dog Training do not believe that dogs are naughty or dis-obedient on purpose.  Both young dogs and older dogs need to be taught how to behave appropriately to fit in with family life. When your pet behaves inappropriately or displays unwanted behaviours it can be frustrating and distressing not only for you but for your dog.


Please Contact Us with your concerns and let us help you help your dog. 


Problem Behaviour Assessment  

Home visit

Training Plan



Problem Behaviour Programme

Behavioural Assessment & Training Plan

3 Home Visits,

Follow-up homework emails,

3 months follow on email/phone  sessions




Common behaviour problems

Pulling or lunging on lead....

Jumping up at people....

Lunging & Barking on lead....

Mouthing & nipping....

Barking at people and dogs.....

Wont come when called.......

Dog to Dog Aggression

Dog to People Aggression

For any concerns please contact us