121 Home Training is great for focusing on specific areas of training with your dog or you may have a new puppy or dog and due to work or family commitments are unable to attend regular classes.

Perhaps you have a dog that is displaying signs of aggression, fear or misbehaves when visitors call, barking or jumping up and you want to help to show your pet how to behave better.

It truly doesn't have to be like this.  You and your dog are not alone. All puppies, dogs can have struggles and it's ok if you don't know what to do...YET  

It's easy to compare your dog to others that you see behaving perfectly(or so you think).  Your dog is unique as is your relationship with them. You are both on a journey so enjoy it.

All 121 training is done in your own home.  This is so your dog can focus and learn .  Here you lay down the foundations and then grow them into everyday life.

The benefits of 1-2-1's are:

*Your dog will learn faster and change is quicker

*No two dogs are the same so training is tailored to what you want and what your dog needs. 

*At a time that works for you. I offer daytime, evening and weekend sessions.






121 Puppy Programme 

This programme is for puppies and adolescent dogs new to training.  You can find more information here






121 Problem Behaviours Programme 

Are your struggling with your dogs behaviours?

🐾You may find your dog is barking or lunging at people or dogs. Are you constantly apologising for your dogs behaviour or just feeling guilty when walking your dog?

🐾Is your dog uber excited when guests visit... jumping, barking even nipping and constantly getting in their face and wont settle?

🐾Perhaps your dog gets upset when left alone. Do you feel trapped at home because your dog becomes super stressed when left alone?

🐾Is your dogs pulling on lead ruining dreams of fun, enjoyable walks and quickly becoming a dreaded and frustrating activity. If your dog is pulling, it can feel unsafe and painful. Find out how you can return to fun walks

🐾Lack of Recall when there are distractions. Scared to let your dog off lead and feeling guilty that they don't have the freedom to be a dog.

These are just a few struggles that clients talk to me about.  You can find more information Here 




Free Phone Consult

If you are uncertain if this is the right programme for you and your dog then you can book a Free Phone Consult with me and we can have a friendly chat about the struggles you are having with your dog and together work out the way forward.

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