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Karen Head Trainer

Hi, I'm the lucky owner of 4 mad but gorgeous and lovely dogs. Two of which people would label as reactive,  I just see them as having social struggles that through games I have been able to give them and me a great quality and happier life together . 

I've had 14 years hands on experience working with reactive dogs and this is where my passion lies. 

Dogs can so quickly be misunderstood and labelled dog aggressive when really what they are lacking is confidence. And owners of these so called aggressive dogs are made to feel guilty and hide away. 

It's really important to me to I continually update my learning.  I'm proud to be a part of the Pro Dog Trainer Tribe, attend workshops with IMTD and read the latest information on dog science so I can bring what I learn to not only my dogs but to my clients dogs.



HEATHER  Dog Walker

I'm a dog walker with a particular interest in helping the more troubled dogs enjoy their walks.  I have a Diploma in Animal Behaviour and am now studying a degree in dog behaviour.