Are you frustrated that your dog only comes back to you when it suits them?

Or perhaps your dog has a great recall at home but the moment they go outside you become invisible!

Do you ever get the feeling that you dog has selective hearing!

Then you are not alone...

This is what I hear all the time and the simple truth is, it doesn't have to be like this.

Yes you can have a dog that recalls every time

No matter what age, breed or temperament every dog can have an amazing recall.

It can be scary letting your dog off the lead.

What if they don't come back?

What if they get lost?

What if they get injured?

So you keep them on lead at least you know they are safe but then you feel guilty because you want them to have freedom to be a dog.

If this at all sounds like you and your dog then I can help you have the confidence and the skills to teach your dog a phenomenal recall.


The Benefits of 121 Recall Home Training are...


#  No two dogs are the same, training is tailored to you and your dog


#  Go at yours and yours dogs pace


#  At a time that works for you and your family


# Homework Handouts

# See results quicker

# Hands on training with an instructor so you know you are doing the right training

# Supportive Facebook Community

Any dog can be taught to have a brilliant recall it's just knowing how and trust me, it's simple when you know how.


* Full Phone Consultation(Approx 1 hour)

*3 X 1 hour 121 Sessions

*Homework Handouts

*Follow-Up Phone Consultation

*Sexier Than A Squirrel On-Line Video Tuition

*Private Facebook Community




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