Teenage dogs have challenges all of their own.Hormones start to kick in from about 6-7 months and last until 2-3 years depending on breed. During this time there are physical changes happening in your dogs brain and body. 

Your once star puppy that would focus, listen and do the behaviours you trained suddenly seems to have forgotten everything. 

*Their recall can start to slide and you don't feel you can always trust them to come back.
*Pulling on the lead slowly increases.
*They show more interest in the environment over you.
*Their response to obedience cues start to disappear.

You may feel like your dog is being deliberately naughty, difficult and disobedient
This is not their fault!
They are becoming teenagers
This is a time for patience and guiding  your dog through this time

You will cover:
How to have your dog listen to you
Building a Strong Relationship
Your dog choosing YOU
Controlling Excitement
Understanding your dogs behaviour

The groups are small to ensure that each handler and dog have enough individual support throughout.

The classes work through teaching your dog the skills they will need to grow from naughty teenager into well behaved adults, through fun games ensuring both you and your dog have fun while learning.

What You Get: 
#6 Group Classes
#'Sexier Than a Squirrel Challenge' online teaching
#Torquay Dog Training Community Private Facebook Group # Homework Handouts

Teenage Dog Lifeskills £135


Sunday 4th Sept-9th Oct