Junior Lifeskills
Dogs  6 months & Over

Adolescent dogs have challenges all of their own.

Hormones kick in and a once chilled puppy can suddenly become difficult

Struggling to do what you ask

Forgetting skills learned as a young pup

This is a time for patience and building relationships

You will cover:
Appropriate Greetings
Focus Fun
Self Contol
Relaxed Lead Walking
Confidence Games

The groups are small to ensure that each handler and puppy have enough individual support throughout.

The classes work through building basic commands focusing on building your puppies confidence and skills through fun games ensuring both you and your puppy have fun while learning.
What You Get: 
#6 Group Classes
#'Sexier Than a Squirrel Challenge' online teaching
#Torquay Dog Training Community Private Facebook Group # Homework Handouts

Junior Lifeskills £135


29th May-3rd July 5.15-6.15