Introducing the exciting world of Rally Obedience. This is a fun, fast-paced demonstration of a dog and handler’s ability to work as a team to perform obedience exercises on a set course.

Unlike Obedience, in Rally, you are allowed to talk and encourage your dog while completing the course.


Rally Obedience can be done just for fun but for the more competitive you can enter competitions and even compete at Crufts.


There are around 50 commands to teach your dog, starting from beginners but as you progress there are 6 levels to work towards with each getting more challenging than the last, however in classes we practice exercises from all the levels for variety.


Who can attend Rally Classes?


This class is for dogs of all ages and breeds.  Your dog will have needed to complete our Lifeskills or have done some basic training.

Classes are booked in rolling blocks of 6 weeks

If you have not attended any of our classes before, you will need to complete a registration form


Rally Obedience Class  £135

Sunday 10th April-15th May 7.45-8.45 Spaces



Venue:  Windmill Centre, Pendennis Road,Torquay, TQ2 7QB